Many kids don’t have proper access to educational resources.


A critical and foundational aspect of a child’s growth is their ability to read. Illiteracy is directly linked to poverty, poor educational outcomes, unemployment, crime and long-term health problems. Literacy is the pathway for a child to reach their full potential. According to NAEP results ‒ from tests given to a sample of students in every state in 2017 ‒ Michigan ranks 35th in the nation in 4th Grade reading levels. This means that our early intervention strategies need to be a priority. Without any effective early intervention, adult illiteracy can have a profound economic and social cost in Michigan.


Through research, we have determined that children from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds have the greatest need and also have limited access to suitable books, leaving them trapped in generational illiteracy. Michigan Reads is an early intervention strategy aimed at increasing access to books and empowering readers in their early years

Michigan Reads is an initiative of the World Literacy Foundation, a global not-for-profit organization working to lift young people out of poverty through the power of literacy.



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